Monday, November 16, 2009

Skies Adrift

One thing Northern Nevada is not short on is dramatic skies.
This scene was near Beowawe (pronounced bay-o-WAH-wee) Nevada. It is listed as a ghost town on but you would not know it to drive through it. There are still residents in the town and it has a library and Fire Station that are still operating..
The GT site also says it is "not worth the trip" as far as ghost towns are concerned but I think that may be a tad harsh considering some of the ghost towns I have visited.
If I can see sites like this every time I go I would be tempted to change the entry to "Worth the trip if you go after a storm".

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Frank said...

This photo is awaesome...not worth a visit Ghost Town or not. The cloud formation is simply indescrible and the way your framed the buildings low is very cool.

I like the crow shot in the tree. When I'm trying to get as close of possible to capture a waterbird in our bay I always take that first, "establishing" shot so when I move in and it flies at least I got one shot.

Your site is so-so good.

Sharon said...

Wonderful photograph! The sky is inspiring!

Alberto Medina Vieira said...

Impresionane paisaje y fotografĂ­a que lo refleja. Muy buena foto.