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Metaphor: The Tree of Life

Modern Art in the middle of the Salt Flats. This huge sculpture along I-80 between Elko and Salt Lake City, was a featured stop on the reality show "The Amazing Race". Since the show aired there have been so many visitors to it that a fence has been erected around the base to keep people off of it.
Luckily this picture was taken before the fence went up... It truly is an eyesore now.
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It looks like a bird may have taken up residency in this gas pump.

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Out of Gas

The pump at Tuscarora's Filling Station.
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Final Rusting Place

I am finding that the landscape in and around Elko is dotted with ghost towns in various stages of mortality. For instance, over the past week I posted shots from Metropolis, NV which has a ghost town label that can certainly be taken at face value.

On the other side of the coin you find the area where this photo was taken. A town that is neither a ghost town, nor is it a thriving seat of civilization. But somewhere in between. A place with abandoned cars, farm equipment, homes and businesses that sit beside modern'ish homes and buildings that have an unmistakable air of recent habitation.

This past evening I was out driving when I saw a sign labeled "Tuscarora" pointing west down a dirt road. It occurred to me that a dirt road is more likely to lead to a ghost town than a paved road. So I turned west and drove about 7 miles.

The town was a treasure trove of opportunity, however the light was going fast so I was limited in what I could get this time.
I will be going back when I will have more time and light to shoot in more detail. For now enjoy the semi-Ghost Town of Tuscarora, Nevada.

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