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Tate Barn

Tate Barn near Deer Creek in Utah
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wendover Will at Night

You may have seen my Wendover Will post from three weeks ago; here he is at night.

And another shot using that zoom effect I like to do with neon signs.

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Stop, Look, Listen

Not all railroad barriers function properly so remember the golden rule.
Stop, Look, & Listen, at rail crossings
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The Bearded Scholar and Mom

My son in character for the Elko High School presentation of Murder in the Knife Room.
He played the Bearded Scholar.
His Mom was on hand for the show.
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King of the Range

All the other wild horses seemed to be following this guy around.

It is good to be King!
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Wild Horse Crossing

Why did the Wild Horses cross the road?

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away

Just two of the many wild horses that inhabit the ranges here in Northeastern Nevada.
These two were along the road to Bald Mountain

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Old Wreck

An old wreck near Metropolis, NV
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Wendover Will

One of the original electric cowboys.
Wendover Will, at 64 feet tall, is the worlds tallest cowboy.
Originally erected in 1952 at Wendover's State Line Hotel & Casino.
Will stood and directed travelers to the The State Line until 2002 when the casino was sold and the name was changed to The Nugget. Will was then taken down and put into storage.
In 2006 he was deeded to the city and erected, fully restored, at the west end of town, to once again welcome visitors to West Wendover, Nevada.

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