Friday, September 11, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Having computer issues today. It crashed hard and I am trying to save all my photos from oblivion. I am updating from a backup PC with photos that are several years old, until further notice.
This Photo is of the waterfall at Newstead Abbey in Nottingham, England taken in 2003.

The plan for today was to post something appropriate to the 8th Anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001. But since the PC crash last night I have been preoccupied and will be lucky if any photos from the last 5 years are saved.
Back to normal as soon as possible.
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Luis Gomez said...

Sorry to hear that. Hope you are able to fix the computer problem and get all of your images back.

Sunny said...

Good luck with your PC problems. I just backed up all my pictures to CD.
Sunny :)

Wayne said...

Get a Mac :)

Sylvia said...

What is a technical difficulty to you is to me an inspiration. What a beautiful photo!!!

Lucy the Cat said...

I hope you're able to save your pictures.

This picture is absolutely beautiful.

Hilda said...

This beautiful scene belies the panic that I am sure you are feeling. Good luck, Eric! I really hope you manage to save the files of your wonderful photos.