Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Life Size Tonka Toy

On the first day of every month the City Daily Blog community host a theme day. Every month the theme is different.
The theme day for September 1st is "Big"
I happened across this scene while working in the hills north of Carlin, Nevada (Carlin is a town just west of Elko).
This is called a haul truck, this particular model is by Caterpillar. It is approximately 44 feet tall at the highest point (when the dump is raised). It has 15 foot tall tires and a 240 ton payload.
The job of this truck is to haul unprocessed earth, from the open pit, to a nearby processing plant where gold, other ore and minerals are extracted. There are many trucks like this in the hills nearby.
By comparison this is a medium sized haul truck. I have encountered trucks in this area that actually dwarf this one.

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Small City Scenes said...

Now that is big!!!
Great shot. MB

Lois said...

That is one big truck! Nice Theme Day post!

Lavenderlady said...

Good choice!

Sylvia said...

Fantastic picture! It would give a great house or playground, wouldn't it?