Monday, June 8, 2009

EDP Weekend Report: USAF Thunderbirds

I am not sure I mentioned how much I love Air Shows. Especially Air Shows that feature the US Air Force Thunderbirds and the US Navy Blue Angels.
At age 6 I saw my first Air Show, it featured the Blue Angels in Aberdeen, Maryland and being prior Navy I tend to have a preference for the Blue Angels. Since I live in a land locked state that has an Air Force Base I have actually seen the Thunderbirds about half a dozen more times.
This Weekend I went to Ogden, Utah to see the show at Hill Air Force Base.
The demonstration was interrupted briefly by a thunderstorm but otherwise went off without a hitch.
I will be travelling to Reno in September to see the Blue Angels, in the meantime check out a couple shots from the Thunderbirds show.

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Paulo Camacho said...

What a nice photos and a interessting blog. I like airplanes. PC

Bob Crowe said...

Damn, these are good. Strong sense of power and motion, excellent technique.

That is the chicken said...

I like air shows too - I used to love seeing the Red Arrows in the UK. Your first photo is amazing!

Holly said...

Eric! We went to the airshow on Sunday and it was raining non stop so we didn't get to see what you did on Saturday... do you have your pics up on snapfish or somewhere that I can look at? Ethan was so disappointed that he didn't get to see the airplanes I thought your pics might be the next best thing :)

Leif Hagen said...

OMG - the airshow photos are cool - ESPECIALLY the single plane with its red nose pointed right at us! You could make some money with that one! Regards from EAGAN daily photo