Monday, June 22, 2009

EDP Weekend Report: Elko Motorcycle Jamboree (Part 1)

Elko had it's Motorcycle Jamboree this past weekend. Below are a few shots from the weekend. The rain put a damper on alot of the fun for many people but it also kept the temperatures down.

The weekend was like a giant county fair, but instead of the focus being on agriculture it was on the motorcycle lifestyle. As you will see from the posts there was a mix of music, motorcycles, (domestic and foreign side by side) and fun.

Because Blogger only allows me to post 4 photos with each post I am spreading them out over the week.

If you can't wait til the best shots are posted on EDP please visit Deuce Photo to see the rest.

Also look for photos from the Saturday Concert featuring Seattle's Hell's Belles. (An all female AC/DC tribute band) That was a pretty crazy show so watch for those photos here and on Deuce Photo.

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Hilda said...

That first photo is absolutely fantastic, Eric!

That's weird. I've been posting much more than four photos at a time in several posts. And I also use Blogger. What are we doing differently?

Eric Salsbery said...

Thanks Hilda.
I am not sure what is going on but when I upload more than 4 photos to a post using Picasa, only the first 4 show up in the post.
It has happened many times so now I just upload 4 at a time.
Glad you like the photos.

Steffe said...

You really nailed the top photo, great action shot.

scorpio said...

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