Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wild Cow Milking

If you want to see some action that is a cross between the PBRA and the Keystone Kops then you need to see the "Wild Cow Milking" competition.
It goes like this... 4 Cowboys, one on a horse and three on foot, have to catch and extract milk from a wild cow.
The rider ropes the cow and then two cowboys move in to secure the cow (top two photos), before the fourth comes in to extract the milk (bottom photo).
Then the cowboys, with the extracted milk, must run back to a circle designated before the competition begins.
The Keystone Kops part is because the cow is wild it does not exactly stand still to be milked. I saw men being thrown from side to side, dragged at the end of a rope by a running cow and my favorite was the kid being dragged while holding on to the cows tail (center photo).

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Steffe said...

Looks a bit painful for the poor cow.