Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tenabo Conveyor

Updated: 8:30PM

Mount Tenabo visible in the background, this is a section of the 10+ mile conveyor belt system installed by Barrick Gold Corporation.
The conveyor runs from the new open pit at the Cortez Hills site on Mount Tenabo, across the floor of Crescent Valley, to a crusher facility located on the adjacent Cortez Pipeline mine site. The belt system was installed in 2009.
This photo was taken from a county road that passes over the conveyor belt at approximately its midpoint.

Mount Tenabo is considered sacred ground by local Native American Tribes.

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Wayne said...

Interesting. I Googled it but didn't come up with a whole lot of info. Is it running from a mine to a crusher?

Carolyn said...

Your photo also sent me running to Google. Is this part of a gold mining operation that is opposed by conservationists and the Shonshone tribe? Seems like significant water drainage is involved. Please educate us.