Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mount Tenabo

Mount Tenabo near Crescent Valley.
This Mountain is the site of a long battle between the Barrick Gold Corporation (Cortez Hills Project) and local Native American Tribes.
Barrick Gold want to dig an open pit gold mine while the Te-Moak and Western Shoshone tribes claim the mountain is sacred land.
This is a battle between a multi-national gold mining corporation and a couple of small Indian Tribes: 3 guesses on who will will win...

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Hilda said...

No, please. No! :'(

Hilda said...

Oh, and wishing you and your loved ones a peaceful and love-filled 2010.

I wish I could wish the same for the native Americans there, but I followed your link and it doesn't sound good for them.

Julie said...

gorgeous image and let's hope that the right and correct and long time caretaker of the land wins.