Friday, October 16, 2009


It has been a very busy week. I have not had a chance to shoot in a couple of weeks. That is why the photos have been similar in nature and subject recently.
Today I totally spaced posting one so I have been forced to resort to drastic measures.
I dredged this shot out of my soon to be defunct blackberry.
On Monday I should get my replacement phone. Unfortunately since my blackberry is broken and AT&T does not have any reasonably priced blackberries at the moment. I was forced to go against my judgment for reasons of a financial sort and get an i Phone.
Not my first choice or second but there you have it.

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judy said...

This has got to be the weekend for Lamoille Canyon shots, yes?

Frank said...

I have always been fascinated by these huge earth haulers.

Sorry to see another defection from BlackBerry to IPhone. You IPhone people are sure fancy!!!

I do hope it is a grat fun experience...and works properly for capturing planes to buffalo.

Sylvia said...

Great shot. I don't like those things... Are big, ugly and noisy. but it doesn't change the fact that is a great picture!

Eric Salsbery said...

Judy, it would be a great weekend but I was in Utah doing a shoot on the Dunes near Jericho. I am going to try to get to lamoile canyon in the next week or so while the fall colors are still there.

Frank, I am not going over to iPhone without some reservations. Had I found a blackberry with at&t that was reasonably priced i would have stuck with them. As it was, I was I had to concede to iPhone. It was lower priced.

Sylvia, thanks for all of your comments. You have been my most vocal visitor. thank you.

Those trucks are very big, very noisy and very ugly. I really don't like what the mining in the area does to the landscape here; although many people would say that it is improved because of the barren scenery here. I say that people that think Nevada is boring have just never gotten out of their car and had a look around.
I love it here.