Friday, August 7, 2009

Pussywillows and Cat-tails

Isn't it funny how some things remind you of other things?
When I look at this photo, I find myself humming a song by the great Gordon Lightfoot.
It goes something like this
Pussywillows, cat-tails, soft winds and roses
Rainpools in the woodland, water to my knees
Shivering, quivering, the warm breath of spring
Pussywillows, cat-tails, soft winds and roses
Catbirds and cornfields, daydreams together
Riding on the roadside, the dust gets in your eyes
Reveling, disheveling, the summer nights can bring
Pussywillows, cat-tails, soft winds and roses
Slanted rays and colored days, stark blue horizons
Naked limbs and wheat bins, hazy afternoons
Voicing, rejoicing, the wine cups do bring
Pussywillows, cat-tails, soft winds and roses
Harsh nights and candlelights, woodfires a-blazin'
Soft lips and fingertips resting in my soul
Treasuring, remembering, the promise of spring
Pussywillows, cat-tails, soft winds and roses
-Gordon Lightfoot

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Frank said...

Eric: You have a great blog. I really like your shots of ghost towns and your wide open spaces. It's quite a departure from the west coast of Florida here along the Gulf of Mexico. The continuing story of the B-17 is terrific. My dad flew a B-26 during WWII and I finally got to take a 45 minute flight in a B-25, the Panchito, some 2-3 years ago. Similar aircraft and the experience was awesome. That is wonderful your son is followng your love for the plane. The Flying Fortress is an incredible machine.
Thank you for visitng Tampa Daily Photo and for becoming a Follower. I hope you'll visit again soon and leave a comment. - Frank

Sylvia said...

Beautiful poetry, a hymn to the nature. The photo is marvellous.

JM said...

So peaceful and beautiful! Great light too.

lizziviggi said...

Anyone who quotes Gordon Lightfoot earns my undying respect and devotion. Beautiful picture as well!

Mo said...

Haven't heard that song in ages. I agree, picture and song go well together