Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Final Rusting Place

I am finding that the landscape in and around Elko is dotted with ghost towns in various stages of mortality. For instance, over the past week I posted shots from Metropolis, NV which has a ghost town label that can certainly be taken at face value.

On the other side of the coin you find the area where this photo was taken. A town that is neither a ghost town, nor is it a thriving seat of civilization. But somewhere in between. A place with abandoned cars, farm equipment, homes and businesses that sit beside modern'ish homes and buildings that have an unmistakable air of recent habitation.

This past evening I was out driving when I saw a sign labeled "Tuscarora" pointing west down a dirt road. It occurred to me that a dirt road is more likely to lead to a ghost town than a paved road. So I turned west and drove about 7 miles.

The town was a treasure trove of opportunity, however the light was going fast so I was limited in what I could get this time.
I will be going back when I will have more time and light to shoot in more detail. For now enjoy the semi-Ghost Town of Tuscarora, Nevada.

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Steffe said...

I love places like this. Glad to hear that you are going back. Groovy car btw!

lachezar said...

You managed a great image! I'm also intrigued by the building behind.

Jacob said...

Fascinating. Love the photo... We're heading out to wander about tomorrow...have some pretty funky old towns in north central Florida!

None of them ghostly, I don't think, although they might be...

tapirgal said...

I spent one whole January in Tuscarora in 1974. There was (or still is?) a pottery school there. It was an enchanting, if very small, town - partly due to the stark and beautiful setting, and partly due to the warm people (Dennis and Julie Parks) who ran the pottery school. I stayed upstairs in the old Post Office building in their dormatory, which could hold up to seven people, but that month I was the only student. I have a lot of photos, but they're in slide format and negatives. Someday I will get a new scanner and have them available. It was fun for me to find this photo today. I was perusing your Elko site (I spent about an hour in Elko on my way to Tuscarora, and an hour during the month shopping there with Julie). When I came to this photo, I was thinking, "Hey, looks like the old tavern in Tuscarora." Imagine my surprise when I saw where you took the pic! Thanks!!!

tapirgal said...
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tapirgal said...

P.S. Was the school still there? What, if any, businesses were still open? There was also a part-time museum, and I think the tavern was open now and then - all back in 1974. The geodesic dome was the pottery school, and there were several kilns in the vicinity of the dome. The fire in the kilns was magical on those winter days.

Eric Salsbery said...

Hi, thanks for the story.
The school is apparently still there.
I was only there for about 20 minutes on my first trip through the town. I will be going out again soon and will post some more shots and see if i can find out any more info for you.