Tuesday, March 17, 2009


In the last month or so since I started this blog, I have been in Elko for 2 weeks and in Salt Lake City, in training, for the rest of the time.
This is my last week of training so hopefully I can post more photos that are actually from Elko.
Like the Sherman Station photos from over the weekend.

Stay tuned.

PS. Jacob I am not exactly sure who exactly Sherman is. The photos were taken at Elko City Park and the buildings were part of a display called "Sherman Station".

Thanks to all that have stopped by and left messages. They are all read and appreciated.

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Gresham Photo Blog said...

very peaceful. Like the reflection.

Jacob said...

Great duck shot...absolutely perfect exposure!

Re: Sherman...I think it's kind of funny that all over the country there are places and buildings, etc., named for folks that have been long forgotten.

Which makes sense, as we can only hold so much stuff in our brains at one time...

nessabates said...

I love reflection photos! cute duck :)

Morten Pedersen said...

I do love taking pictures of ducks.